Future Visions: The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow
Edited by Edward Hoffman

Foreword by Colin Wilson
Preface by Edward Hoffman
Abraham Maslow: A Biographical Sketch p. 1-16

Part I. Personality, Growth, and Therapy
1. My Early Revelations About Culture and Personality p. 19-20
2. The Psychology of Happiness p. 21-25
3. Critique of Self-Actualization Theory p. 26-32
4. Can Monks be Self-Actualizing? p. 33-35
5. Acceptance of the Beloved in Being-Love p. 36-38
6. The Health Implications of Peaks-to-Completion p. 39-41
7. Our Aesthetic Needs: Exploratory Notes p. 42-44
8. Limits, Controls, and the Safety Need in Children p. 45-46
9. The Jonah Complex: Understanding Our Fear of Growth p. 47-51
10. The Psychology of Tragedy p. 52-60
11. Yea and Nay: On Being an Optimstic Realist p. 61-63
12. Biological Injustice and Free Will p. 64-69
13. Humanistic Biology: Elitist Implications of the Concept of "Full-Humanness" p. 70-72
14. Living in the World of Higher Values p. 73-77
15. Regaining Our Sense of Gratitude p. 78-79

Part II. Re-Visioning Psychology
16. What Is the Essence of Human Nature? p. 83-87
17. Higher Motivation and the New Psychology p. 88-98
18. Laughter and Tears: Psychology's Missing Values p. 99-106
19. Is Human Nature Basically Selfish? p. 107-114
20. Science, Psychology, and the Existential Outlook p. 115-119
21. What Psychology Can Offer the World p. 120-121
22. The Unnoticed Psychological Revolution p. 122-125

Part III. Management, Organizations, and Social Change
23. Beyond Spontaneity: A Critique of the Esalen Institute p. 129-131
24. Building Community through T-Groups p. 132-136
25. Fostering Friendship, Intimacy, and Community p. 137-140
26. Defining the American Dream p. 141-146
27. Building a New Politics Based on Humanistic Psychology p. 147-152
28. Further Thoughts About American Politics p. 153-154
29. Communication: Key to Effective Management p. 155-159
30. See No Evil, Hear No Evil: When Liberalism Fails p. 160-167
31. The Communist Personality p. 168-171
32. Leaders, Pawns, and Power: A Letter to Henry Geiger p. 172-180
33. Motivational Levels of Newspapers p. 181-183
34. The Dynamics of American Management p. 184-194

Letter to J.B. Rhine p. 195-196
Letter to B.F. Skinner p. 197-198
Letter to John D. Rockefeller p. 199-202
Glossary of Maslow's Terms p. 203-207
References p. 208-209
Index p. 210-220
About the Editor p.221