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Maslow: Books, Articles, Audio/Visual, &amp; His Personal Papers.</font> </h4> <IMG SRC="light1.gif" ALIGN="TOP" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="416" ALT="Abraham Maslow Books and Publications"><BR> <IMG SRC="light.gif" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21" name="table"ALT="Contents: Books in Print Books Out of Print"> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0" width="592" height=""> <TR> <TH width="59" height=""> <TABLE WIDTH="56" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0"> </TR> </TABLE></TH> <TD width="527" height=""> Click to go to the section<BR> <A HREF="#due">Books in Print by Maslow</A><BR> <A HREF="#about">Books in Print about Maslow</A><BR> <A HREF="#out">Out of Print Books</A><BR> <A HREF="#audio">Audio Downloads / Visual Materials</A><BR> <A HREF="#articles">Articles by Maslow </A><br> Maslow Audio Collection available now for mp3 download. <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com/audio.html">Audio Download</a> <br> Revised <a href="maslowbibliography101604.pdf">Maslow Bibliography</a> download in Adobe PDF<br> Maslow's Letters &amp; Papers: <a href="http://www.uakron.edu/ahap/">Archives of the History of American Psychology</a> <BR> For further information contact the <A HREF="http://www.cfil.com/">Center for Innovative Leadership</A></br> </TD> </TR> </TABLE></br> <IMG SRC="light4.gif" ALT="Books in Print" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21"><A NAME="due"> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0" height="255"> <TR ALIGN="LEFT"> <TH WIDTH="56" HEIGHT="299"></TH> <TD WIDTH="528" height="299"> <p><b>The Farther Reaches of Human Nature<font size="-1"> </font></b><font size="-1">&nbsp;NY: Viking, 1971. Harmondworth, Eng: Penguin Books, 1973. <font color="#000000"> <font color="#000000"><a href="/contents/fartherreaches.htm"> <font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font><br> </font><b>Future Visions: The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow</b><font size="-1">&nbsp;&nbsp;(Ed: Edward Hoffman)&nbsp;&nbsp;CA: Sage Publications, 1996. <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/futurevisions.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font><br> </font><b>The Maslow Business Reader </b><font size="-1">(Ed: Deborah Stephens) NY: Wiley, 2000. <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><a href="/contents/businessreader.htm"> <font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font><br> </font><b>Maslow on Management </b><FONT SIZE="-1">With added interviews by Deborah Stephens and Gary Heil.<BR> NY: Wiley, 1998</FONT><FONT SIZE="-1">. (Note: previously published as: </FONT> <b>Eupsychian Management: A Journal</b><FONT SIZE="-1"> Homewood, IL: Irwin-Dorsey, 1965.) <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/mom.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font><BR> </FONT> <FONT SIZE="-1"> </FONT><b>Motivation and Personality</b>&nbsp;<font size="-1">NY: Harper, 1954.</font> <font size="-1"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/motivationandpersonality1954.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font></font> <font size="-1">Second Ed. NY: Harper, 1970.</font> <font size="-1"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/motivationandpersonality1970.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font></font> <font size="-1">Third Ed. NY: Addison-Wesley, 1987.</font> <BR> <B><a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"><font color="#000000">The Psychology of Science: A Reconnaissance</font></a></B><font size="-1" color="#000000">&nbsp;</font> <FONT SIZE="-1">&nbsp;Chapel Hill, NC: Maurice Bassett Publishing, 2002. Published as an electronic book and available from <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"> <font color="#000000">www.AbrahamMaslow.com</font></a>. <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><a href="/contents/science.htm"> <font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font> <BR></FONT> <B>Religions, Values and Peak-Experiences<FONT SIZE="-1"> </FONT></B><FONT SIZE="-1"> &nbsp;NY: Penguin Books, 1964, 1976.<BR> Harmondsworth, Eng: Penguin, 1964, 1976, 1978, 1986. <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/religionsvalues.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents. </font></a></font></font><BR></FONT><B>Toward a Psychology of Being</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">&nbsp;NY: Van Nostrand, 1962. Second Ed. NY: Van Nostrand, 1968. <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> <a href="/contents/psychologyofbeing.htm"><font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font></font> Third Ed. NY: Wiley, 1998.</FONT></p> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P><IMG SRC="light2.gif" ALT="Books About Maslow" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21"><A NAME="about"></P> <P> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0" HEIGHT="137"> <TR ALIGN="LEFT"> <TH WIDTH="56" HEIGHT="137"></TH> <TD WIDTH="530"> <B>Encountering America: Humanistic Psychology, Sixties Culture, and <br> &nbsp;&nbsp; the Shaping of the Modern Self </B> <font size="-1"> Jessica Grogan, Harper Perennial, 2012.</font><br> <B>The Founders of Humanistic Psychology </B> <font size="-1"> Roy Jose DeCarvalho, NY: Praeger, 1991.</font><br> <B> The Growth Hypothesis in Psychology: The Humanistic Psychology of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers </B> <FONT SIZE="-1"> Roy Jose DeCarvalho, Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1991.</FONT><BR> <B>Humanistic Psychology: Conversations with Abraham Maslow, Gardner Murphy and Carl Rogers </B> <FONT SIZE="-1"> Willard B. Frick, &nbsp;Bristol, IN: Wyndham Hall Press, 1989.</FONT><BR> <B>New Pathways in Psychology: Maslow & the Post-Freudian Revolution</B> <font size="-1" color="#000000"> </font><font size="-1"><br> Colin Wilson,&nbsp;&nbsp;Chapel Hill, NC: Maurice Bassett Publishing, 2002. Published as an electronic book and available from <font color="#000000"> <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"><font color="#333333">www.AbrahamMaslow.com</font></a>.</font> Read a <a href="http://www.reinventingyourself.com/samplechapters/newpathways.htm"><font color="#000000">Sample Chapter</font></a><font color="#000000">. <a href="/contents/newpathways.htm"> <font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font><br></font> <B>Profile of Three Theories: Erikson, Maslow, and Piaget</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> Carol Tribe, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co, 1982.<br></FONT> <b>The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham Maslow</b> <font size="-1">&nbsp;Frank Goble,&nbsp; Chapel Hill, NC: Maurice Bassett Publishing, 2004. Published as an electronic book and available from <font color="#000000"> <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"> <font color="#333333">www.AbrahamMaslow.com</font></a>.</font> <font color="#000000"><a href="/contents/thirdforce.htm"><font color="#333333">Contents.</font></a> </font></font> <BR> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P><IMG SRC="light3.gif" ALT="Books Out of Print" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21"><A NAME="out"></P> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR ALIGN="LEFT"> <TH WIDTH="56" HEIGHT=""></TH> <TD WIDTH="566"> One good source for out-of-print books is: <a href="http://www.freebooksearch.com"> <font color="#000000">www.FreeBookSearch.com</font></a><BR> <B>Abraham H. Maslow: A Memorial Volume</B>&nbsp;<font size="-1">Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1972.<br> </font><B>A. H. Maslow: An Intellectual Portrait</B>&nbsp;<FONT SIZE="-1">(Ed: Richard Lowry)&nbsp;&nbsp;Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1973.<BR> </FONT><B>Dominance, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization: Germinal Papers of<BR> A. H. Maslow </B><FONT SIZE="-1">(Ed: Richard Lowry)&nbsp; Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1973. <font color="#000000"><a href="contents/germinalpapers.htm"> <font color="#000000">Contents.</font></a></font><BR> </FONT><B>The Healthy Personality: Readings </B><FONT SIZE="-1">(Ed: Abraham H. Maslow &amp; Hung-Min Chiang)&nbsp;&nbsp;NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1969.<BR> </FONT><B>Humanism in Personology: Allport, Maslow, and Murray </B><font size="-1">Maddi, S.R. &amp; Costa, P. T., Chicago: Aldine/Atherton, 1972.</font><B><br> The Journals of A. H. Maslow</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT SIZE="-1">Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1979.<BR> </FONT><B>New Knowledge in Human Values<font size="-1"> </font></B><font size="-1">(Ed: Abraham H. Maslow)&nbsp;</font>&nbsp;<FONT SIZE="-1">NY: Harper & Bros, 1959.<BR> South Bend, IN:Regnery/Gateway, 1959. &nbsp;&nbsp;Chicago:H. Regnery, 1970, 1971.<BR> </FONT><B>Politics and Innocence: A Humanistic Debate by Rollo May, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, et al.</B> <font size="-1">Saybrook Publishers, 1986. <br> </font><B>Principles of Abnormal Psychology: The Dynamics of Psychic Illness<BR> </B><FONT SIZE="-1">A.H. Maslow (with B&eacute;la Mittelmann) NY: Harper, 1941 <font color="#000000"><a href="contents/germinalpapers.htm"><font color="#333333"> </font></a></font><font color="#000000"><a href="contents/abnormalpsychology1941.htm"> <font color="#333333">Contents.</font></a></font> Revised Edition. NY: Harper, 1951. <font color="#000000"><a href="contents/abnormalpsychology1951.htm"> <font color="#333333">Contents.</font></a></font><BR> </FONT><b>Register Referring to the Complete Published Works by A. H. Maslow </b><font size="-1">Jenny</font><b> </b><font size="-1">Scheele, Delft, The Netherlands: Delft University of Technology, 1978.</font><b><br> The Right to be Human: A Biography of Abraham Maslow</b><font size="-1"> &nbsp;Edward Hoffman, McGraw-Hill, 1999.</font><br> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <p><IMG SRC="light6.gif" ALT="audio/visual materials"ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21"> <A NAME="audio"></p> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR ALIGN="LEFT"> <TH WIDTH="56" HEIGHT="137"></TH> <TD WIDTH="530"> <B>Maslow and Self-Actualization</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">&nbsp;&nbsp;Black & White, Running time: 1 hr, <br> Available from <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"><font color="#000000"> AbrahamMaslow.com</font></a></FONT><br> <B>Being Abraham Maslow</B><FONT SIZE="-1">&nbsp;&nbsp;Black & White, Running Time: 29 minutes, <br>Available from <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"><font color="#000000"> AbrahamMaslow.com</font></a></FONT><br><br> <B>The Abraham Maslow Audio Collection </B> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT SIZE="-1">Available for download in mp3 format. <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com/audio.html"><font color="#000000">Audio Collection</font></a></font><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Volumes One and Two include a total of 28 1/2 hours of Abraham Maslow's talks and <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;workshops at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, from the mid and late-1960s.<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Volume One:</b><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"Self-Actualization" </b> <FONT SIZE="-1">(1 mp3 file, total playing time 1 hour)</FONT><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"Psychology and Religious Awareness" </b><FONT SIZE="-1">(1 mp3 file, total playing time 1 hour)</FONT><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"The Aims of Education" </b>(1 mp3 file, total playing time 1 hour)<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"The B-language Workshop" </b> <FONT SIZE="-1">(5 mp3 files, total playing time 5 hours, 35 minutes)</FONT><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"Weekend with Maslow" <FONT SIZE="-1">(9 mp3 files, total playing time 4 hours, 25 minutes)<br></FONT> &nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Volume Two:</b><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"The Eupsychian Ethic" </b><FONT SIZE="-1">(6 mp3 files, total playing time 5 hours, 45 minutes)</FONT><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;"The Farther Reaches of Human Nature" </b> <FONT SIZE="-1">(10 mp3 files, total playing time 9 hrs, 45 min)<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Samples of the recordings are available at <a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com/audio.html"> <font color="#000000">Audio Samples</FONT></a> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Questions? Contact the publisher: ReinventingYourself@gmail.com</FONT><br> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <p><IMG SRC="mas4.gif" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="21"><A NAME="articles"></p> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="0"> <TH WIDTH="56" HEIGHT=""></TH> <TR ALIGN="LEFT"> <TH WIDTH="56"></TH> <TD WIDTH="523"><FONT SIZE="-1">Harlow, Harry & Harold Uehling. &quot;Delayed Reaction Tests on Primates from the Lemur to the <BR> Orangutan.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #13 (1932) p. 313-343<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham & Harry Harlow &quot;Delayed Reaction Tests on Primates at Bronx Park Zoo <BR> </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #14 (1932) p.97-101<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham&quot;The Emotion of Disgust in Dogs&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative<BR> Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #14 (1932) p. 401-407<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham&quot;Appetites & Hungers in Animal Motivation&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #20 (1932) p.75-83<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Self-esteem (Dominance-feeling) and Sexuality in Women&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of <BR> Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #16(1932) p.259-294<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Food Preferences of Primates&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"><BR> #16 (1933) p.187-197<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham & Elizabeth Groshong &quot;Influence of Differential Motivation on Delayed<BR> Reactions in Monkeys&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology </B><FONT SIZE="-1">#18 (1934) p.75-83<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Effect of Varying External Conditions on Learning, Retention and Reproduction&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Experimental Psychology<font size="-1"> </font></B><font size="-1">#17 (1934) p.36-47<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Effect of Varying Time Intervals Between Acts of Learning with a Note<BR> on Proactive Inhibition&quot;</font><B>Journal of Experimental Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #17 (1934) p.141-144<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Individual Psychology and the Social Behavior of Monkeys and Apes&quot; </FONT><B>International Journal of Individual Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #1 (1935) p.47-59<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham&quot;The Role of Dominance in the Social and Sexual Behavior of Infra-human<BR> Primates: I. Observations at Vilas Park Zoo&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Genetic Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #48 (1936)<BR> p.261-277<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham & Sydney Flanzbaum &quot;The Role of Dominance in the Social and Sexual<BR> Behavior of Infra-human Primates: II. An Experimental Determination of the Dominance<BR> Behavior Syndrome&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Genetic Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #48 (1936) p.278-309<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham&quot;The Role of Dominance in the Social and Sexual Behavior of Infra-human Primates:III. A Theory of Sexual Behavior of Infra-Human Primates&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Genetic Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #48 (1936) p.310-338<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham&quot;The Role of Dominance in the Social and Sexual Behavior of Infra-human Primates:IV.The Determination of Hierarchy in Pairs and in Groups&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Genetic Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #48 (1936) p.161-198<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Comparative Approach to Social Behavior&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Social <BR> Forces</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #15 (1937) p.487-490<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Dominance-feeling, Behavior and Status&quot;</FONT> <B>Psychological Review<BR> </B><FONT SIZE="-1">#44 (1937) p.404-429<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Influence of Familiarization on Preferences&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of <BR> Experimental Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-2"> #21(1937) p.162-180<BR> <BR> </FONT><FONT SIZE="-1">Maslow, Abraham &quot;Dominance-feeling, Behavior and Status&quot; </FONT><B>Psychological Review<BR> </B><FONT SIZE="-1">#44 (1937) p.404-429<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Personality and Patterns of Culture&quot; In Stagner, Ross, </FONT><B>Psychology <BR> of Personality</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> McGraw-Hill (1937)<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham & Walter Grether &quot;An Experimental Study of Insight in Monkeys&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Journal of Comparative Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #24 (1937) p.127-134<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Dominance-feeling, Personality and Social Behavior in Women&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Journal of Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #10 (1939) p.3-39<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Dominance-quality and Social Behavior in Infra-human Primates&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Journal of Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #11(1940) p.313-324<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;A Test for Dominance-feeling (Self-esteem) in College Women&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Journal of Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #12 (1940) p.255-270<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Deprivation, Threat and Frustration&quot; </FONT><B>Psychological Review</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> <BR> #48 (1941) p.364-366<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Liberal Leadership and Personality&quot; </FONT><B>Freedom</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #2 (1942) p.27-30<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Social Personality Inventory for College Women&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Stanford University Press</B><FONT SIZE="-1">(1942)<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Dynamics of Psychological Security-Insecurity&quot; </FONT><B>Character<BR> and Personality</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #10(1942) p.331-344<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;A Comparative Approach to the Problem of Destructiveness&quot; <BR> </FONT><B>Psychiatry</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #5(1942) p.517-522<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;A Preface to Motivation Theory&quot; </FONT><B>Psychosomatic Medicine</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #5(1943)<BR> p.85-92<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;A Theory of Human Motivation&quot; </FONT><B>Psychological Review</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #50(1943) <BR> p.370-396. Reissued in 2004 as an Appendix to </FONT><b><a href="http://www.abrahammaslow.com"> <font color="#000000">The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham M</font><font color="#000000">aslow</font></a><font color="#000000"> <font color="#000000"> </font></font></b><font color="#000000"><font size="-1" color="#000000">in Adobe PDF</font></font>.<FONT SIZE="-1"><BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;Conflict, Frustration and the Theory of Threat&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Abnormal<BR> and Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #38(1943) p.81-86<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Dynamics of Personality, Organization I & II&quot; </FONT><B>Psychological<BR> Review</B><FONT SIZE="-1"> #50(1943) p.514-539, 541-558<BR> <BR> Maslow, Abraham &quot;The Authoritarian Character Study&quot; </FONT><B>Journal of Social Psychology</B><FONT SIZE="-1"><BR> #18(1943) p.401-411<BR> <BR> </FONT> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <BLOCKQUOTE> <BLOCKQUOTE> <BLOCKQUOTE> <BLOCKQUOTE> <BLOCKQUOTE> <P><A HREF="articles.html"><IMG SRC="articles.gif" ALIGN="TOP" BORDER="0" WIDTH="148" HEIGHT="19"></A><br><br> <A HREF="#table"><IMG SRC="table.gif" ALIGN="TOP" BORDER="0" WIDTH="149" HEIGHT="19"></A></P></BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> <P><IMG SRC="light5.gif" ALT="Maslow Publications" ALIGN="BOTTOM" WIDTH="576" HEIGHT="82"></P> <P> Contact <A HREF="mailto:maslow@maslow.com">maslow@maslow.com</A><BR> <font size="-2"> Web Design: <A HREF="http://www.patriciaellison.com">Patricia Ellison</A> </FONT></P> </BODY> </HTML>